Street-To-Screen Media Release

The Capacity Research Unit is proud to share the Street-To-Screen research study Media Release. Street-To-Screen is a national study seeking to find out how people buying and selling sexual services use technologies like smartphones and websites to communicate with one another, develop relationships and negotiate service conditions.

The Street-To-Screen project is the first of its kind in Canada and the Capacity Research Unit hopes it will help fill a vital gap in information about the sex industry. The study also aims to explore the impacts of current Canadian laws which criminalize a wide range of activities associated with providing sexual services, including communication.

“This is an opportunity for people to safely and confidentially participate in a project that has the potential to change current laws and attitudes around the sex industry,” said Chris Atchison, co-principal investigator.

“We know that good communication is key to ensuring the health and safety of those involved in the sale and purchase of sex, but we don’t know how people are getting around the legal restrictions placed on that communication in Canada,” said Bungay, principal investigator and the Canada Research Chair in Gender, Equity and Community Engagement at UBC.

For more information or to participate in the study please visit the Street-To-Screen project website

Full Media Release available HERE



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