Safety in Psychiatric Inpatient Care

The Capacity Research Unit at UBC is pleased to highlight a newly published article,”Safety in psychiatric inpatient care: The impact of risk management culture on mental health nursing practice“. The authors, Allie Slemon, Emily Jenkins and Vicky Bungay, present undeniable evidence that psychiatric nursing care has long been reinforcing care that is rooted in fear, stigma and a history of institutionalization. They recognize the need for action, and follow this up with four exemplars of risk management strategies utilized in psychiatric inpatient settings. The article addresses the issue of risk management and patient safety in mental health nursing by summarizing patient and nurse perspectives on framing safety as the predominant concern within the field.

The authors’ hope that the perspectives discussed throughout the article will be useful for health care practitioners and will help enhance all efforts directed at improving inpatient psychiatric nursing care, the framing of safety within the field and the provision of meaningful treatment that is truly safe.


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