The Capacity Research Unit is looking for outreach workers!

The Capacity Research Unit is looking to interview outreach workers to capture their thoughts and voices for the ‘Trauma and Violence Informed Outreach Project’.

What is the Outreach Project?

The project seeks to answer the question “what are the effects of a trauma-and-violence informed outreach intervention on access to support services among a highly vulnerable group of women experiencing interpersonal and systemic violence in the Downtown Eastside.

The study uses a participatory action research method, the research team is partnering with the Inner City Women’s Initiative Society to collect information on what’s working and what’s not about the approach and it’s impact on women’s access to the care they want. The lived experience of community members will be deeply valued and invited to shape the intervention design and implementation at every point and level.

More information about the research study is available on the Outreach study page.


Why are we interviewing outreach workers?

In the first phase of the project we are working to learn more about the types of services offered. It is important that this project be heavily advised by the community and for the community. If you have knowledge and experience working with women in the Downtown Eastside, we would love to hear your insights about outreach.

The interviews will last for an hour and participants will received a 25$ gift card for their time. During the interview we will ask you questions about how the outreach programs operate.

If you have experience working with women in the Downtown Eastside and want to take part in this study, please contact Principal Co-Investigator Dr. Vicky Bungay at


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