Capacity Staff

Patricia Tait, MSc – Research Program Manager

Patricia has a Master of Science in Public Health Sciences from the University of Alberta with a specialization in Population Health, and worked in community support and public health environments for many years prior to moving into the field of research administration & management. She has worked in various aspects of research administration since 2003 (e.g., education, ethics, grants program management); since 2014 she has worked in research and grant development. Her work passion is facilitating the development and sustainability of innovative, important research endeavours.  

Janina S. Krabbe, BSc, MDiv, MPH – Project Coordinator, Outreach Project

Janina is a white settler who is grateful to the Coast Salish people for their welcome and hospitality to live, work and play here on their beautiful, unceded territory. With a diversity of experience and education, Janina brings a strong interdisciplinary and systems lens to her role coordinating the Outreach Project. She enjoys using her skills to work towards a healthcare system that provides equity-oriented care, and is safe and accessible for all people. Continually inspired and humbled by the strength and resilience of those who have been marginalized, Janina is excited to be working with this incredible team of community members, practitioners and researchers to pilot this Trauma-and-Violence-Informed Outreach Project in the Downtown Eastside.

Sara Sebti – Outreach Worker/Research Assistant, Outreach Project

Sara Sebti was born and raised in Burnaby, BC before moving to New Mexico to learn about the benefits of the sun. She studied Political Science and Women Studies at McGill University. Her love of large bodies of water and snow peaked mountains led her back to the West Coast where she started working as a Peer Support Worker in the Downtown Eastside. She is an Outreach Worker/Research Assistant who is currently working on a research project born out of a collaboration between the Capacity Research Unit and the Inner-City Women’s Initiative Society.

Julia Freitas – Outreach Worker/Research Assistant, Outreach Project

Julia completed her Master Degree in Biochemistry before moving to Vancouver and completely change her career pathway. She started working as a Support Worker at Wish Drop-in Center in the DTES where she found a sense of belonging to the community never experienced before. Julia hopes to bring her experience and passion to develop a better relationship between healthcare service providers and the women in the DTES. She wants to learn how to encourage women to engage their spirit, heart and mind to meet their needs. She is excited to be working as an Outreach Worker/Research Assistant on a project that aims to be built by women’s experience and knowledge.

Miriah Hodgins, BA, MA, BSN Candidate – Research Assistant, Outreach Project

Miriah Hodgins is a nursing student at the University of British Columbia. She is currently working as a research assistant with Dr. Bungay on the Outreach Project. She brings a diversity of skills and experience to the position, including over five years working in a variety of roles with people experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, and addictions. Miriah is interested in research and practice that addresses health inequities, particularly regarding the current opioid poisoning epidemic. She is trying to learn what it means to be a nurse in systems that can be oppressive, and hopes to use her time on the Outreach Project to work towards a more equitable, safe, and accessible healthcare system that is strengths-based and trauma-and-violence informed.

Liz Moss, BSc, CNPS M.Ed. Candidate

Liz completed her Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology in 2006 and has been working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in various positions since then. She has worked as the Program Manager for the Onsite Detox and for the past 6 years as an Outreach Community Case Manager for women who struggle with mental health and addiction and who experience barriers to connecting with support services. She is currently finishing her Masters in Education in Counselling Psychology at UBC and plans to specialize in trauma counseling, working particularly with adults who have experienced childhood abuse or relationship violence.


Christina Chant, RN, MSN Candidate

Christina completed her Practical Nursing diploma at Vancouver Community College, Registered Nursing degree at Douglas College and is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing program at UBC. Over the past 10 years, Christina has worked in primary care, HIV outreach, sexual health, transgender health, mental health and substance use, and most recently clinical education. Christina’s research interests are in improving health care for people who use drugs with a focus on nursing practice, policy and education.

Sunny (Ziqian) Jiao, BSN, MHA

Sunny completed Bachelor of Science in Nursing studies in 2012 with a focus in psychiatric nursing, and has been working in the inpatient and emergency psychiatry units of a local hospital. Sunny also completed Master of Health Administration studies in August of 2016. Sunny is interested in studying health equities among individuals burdened with mental illness and / or addictions. She is also interested in helping to improve health service provision and delivery. Sunny started PhD studies in Nursing in September of 2017, and her doctoral work will focus on examining the interplay of factors that influence the uptake of drug use harm reduction in the acute care setting, including factors at the organizational, clinician, and policy levels.

Allie Slemon, RN, MSN

Allie Slemon has a clinical background in inpatient mental health and eating disorders, as well experience as a mental health clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students. She completed her Master of Science in Nursing at UBC in 2017, with her thesis focusing on the experiences of nursing students in mental health practicums. She is currently enrolled in UBC’s PhD in Nursing program. Allie’s current work explores how nurses in an emergency department setting engage with an intervention to enhance equity in care provision. Research interests include social justice and equity-oriented health care, and improving health care for individuals with mental health challenges through a focus on nursing education.

Paisly Symenuk, BSN, MSN & MPH Candidate

Paisly graduated in June 2017 from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Honors Nursing and two certificates, one in Community Engagement and Service Learning, the other in International Learning. She joined our team in July 2017. She is currently enrolled in UBC’s dual-Master’s program leading to both a Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Public Health. Paisly’s interests include the intersections of gender, social justice, nursing leadership, and global health governance. In addition, Paisly has a strong interest in student and early career nurse experience which will supports her budding interest in nursing education. Paisly is so thankful to have an opportunity to join this interdisciplinary team of community, trainees, and researchers to learn as much as she can!

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