Recommendations from the Off-Street Sex Industry in Vancouver

Full Release Statement

This document is the third report from the SPACES (Sex, Power, Agency, Consent, Environment and Safety) study. Based on discussion of the SPACES study findings with industry experts and a diverse group of stakeholders (e.g., sex workers, community organizations and members, researchers, policy makers) this report presents evidence-informed recommendations to address the complexities of the environment and circumstances in which off-street sex work occurs. The recommendations presented within this report reflect the evidence indicating the need for social, institutional and structural changes necessary to acknowledge the rights and promote occupational health and safety of people engaged in the sex industry.

Included as appendices in this document are the SPACES study’s two previous reports. These are: SPACES: Report One, which was developed as a means to formally share study findings with project participants, allies, partners, and the community at large. It presents information on the project’s background and details the study’s methods, participant sample, and key points of interest within the context of Vancouver’s off-street sex industry; and, Making Spaces: Advancing Recommendations from the Off-Street Sex Industry in Vancouver, a discussion document utilized to facilitate dialogue between a diverse group of stakeholders on dominant themes within the SPACES data and issues concerning Vancouver’s off-street sex industry prioritized by project participants and off-street sex work communities . This second report facilitated and guided the conversations that informed Recommendations from the Off-Street Sex Industry in Vancouver.